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Last update: 2014.10.9

Yann Rimbaud    

  • tennis (11 years)
  • badminton (4 years)
  • volley-ball (3 years)
  • skiing, sailing
The University of Edinburgh French Society (2012-2013)
Member of the Edinburgh French Society that aims to promote French culture abroad (Movie Night, French gastronomy and meetings).
Head of Communication of the Student Union - University of Lyon 1 IUT GEA (2008-2009)
  • Created the official website where current students can find information about student life
  • Promoted the course on the Internet in order to improve the number of first year applicants.
  • Improved the transmission of information between the staff and students.
  • Help for student projects: fundraising, sponsorship, communication and web strategies.
  • Help for external students who wish to integrate the course.