Social Networks

Last update: 2014.10.9

Yann Rimbaud    

Since Sept 12
SEO Lecturer @ ISCOM
Lyon, France
SEO Course taught to second year students in Communication and Marketing.

Students are split into groups that have to create a website and apply all techniques learned during class. During each class, we discuss what is wrong and how things can be optimized. At the end of the year, 1/3 of their final grade is decided by the position of their website on Google but also the quality of the work that has been done on the website (articles, coding, experiments, fixed problems). Reports and final exams represent 2/3 of the final grade.

Webmaster Guidelines, Content Optimization, Technical Optimization, Link strategy, SEO for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn), Use of SEO tools.
Since Nov 12
Consultant @ Bright Red Triangle
Edinburgh, Scotland
Since June 08
Founder of KeoMedia
Lyon, France
  • Creating professional websites: social networks, e-commerce websites and blogs
  • Online promotion: Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, App markets (Apple, Android)
  • SEO: Google, Bing/Yahoo
July - Sept 11
Ruby On Rails Developer (internship) @
Geneva, Switzerland
Design of an interface for artists and labels in order to manage their Facebook pages:
  • use of Facebook, Twitter and API
Dec 10 - May 11
Lyon, France
Team project mission for my DUT (required to obtain my diploma):
  • creation of an e-learning tool with a team of 4 students
  • application available for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone
  • final grade: 17/20 (the highest grade)
Sept 09 - Apr 12
Co-Founder of
Lyon, France
The first social network based on romanticism.
Sold in 2012 to a French company based in Paris.
July - Jan 10
Webdeveloper @ Woonoz
Lyon, France
Creation of a website for subscription and payment for online services:
April - June 09
Webmarketer (internship) @ Woonoz
Lyon, France
Creation and monitoring of an online marketing compaign:
  • creation of a survey defining client profiles
  • management of a Google AdWords campaign
  • optimizing web pages for payments
Dec 07 - Dec 08
Lyon, France
Team project mission for my DUT (required to obtain my diploma):
  • creation of a diary with a team of 4 students and several professionals
  • diary distributed free to over 20,000 students (cover - diary)
  • final grade: 18/20 (the highest grade)